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EATONVILLE'S WELLNESS CENTER is offering FREE therapeutic energy sessions to the public!

Beginning January 8th, 2011 anyone who is interested may receive free energy sessions from our new intern Katy Basham.  Katy is currently a student at EarthWalk Institute of Healing Arts, training to become a BioEnergy & Vibrational Medicine Practitioner (also known as an Energy Healer/Therapist).  Her goal is to spread health and well-being throughout the community.

Experience Therapeutic Energy Healing
BioEnergy & Vibrational Medicine

What is Energy Healing?
Energy healing is an umbrella term used to describe many different holistic modalities that focus their work on the energetic body of a client.  The most recognized modalities include Reiki, acupuncture, Ayurveda, and Shiatzu, to name a few.  All vary in structure and complexity of practice, but the main belief is that dis-ease happens on an energetic level before it manifests in the physical form.  By addressing the root of the problem (be it emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, etc.), the client is healed more deeply than if only their symptoms were treated.  It is holistic medicine at its best, treating the whole person as an individual. 

How does BioEnergy & Vibrational Medicine differ from other energy healing modalities?
The difference is that an energy therapist combines ancient wisdom with modern science, creating a healing system that is very efficient.  Practitioners use advanced hands-on healing techniques, with a combination of other treatment modalities.  These treatments include the use of Dinshaw Lights, essential oils, Acutonics Tuning Forks, breathwork, and many more.  The primary focus is on the chakra system, while also working through the meridian systems, and directly with the physical body systems.  A professionally trained practitioner is equipped with treatments for a wide range of diseases and injuries.

What can you expect during a Session?
Sessions usually last about an hour and begin with a thorough health history questionnaire.  There is then a discussion over what the client’s main goals for the session are.  The client will then lay fully clothed on a massage table where the practitioner begins with an evaluation of the client’s energy body.  Once the energy “diagnosis” is complete, the practitioner will then perform specific treatments that will meet the needs of the client.  After the session, the client will receive individualized aftercare instructions from the practitioner to help stabilize, empower, and support them during their healing process.  They may also be referred to other healthcare providers such as nutritionists, counselors, chiropractors, etc.

What are the Health Benefits?
The most common report from a client is that they experience a deep sense of relaxation during and after a session.  It is also very common to find pain reduction, and an overall sense of well-being and peace.  Recovery times from injuries and illness can be sped up by receiving therapeutic energy sessions.  Energy healing works to strengthen the immune system, and to keep the body at a high vibration, so that illness and disease are not easily obtained.  The practitioner is a guide to help create positive change in the lives of their clients.  By working in conjunction with other medical practitioners (e.g., naturopaths, chiropractors, herbalists, etc.), the client is able to receive a well-rounded treatment plan for health and well-being.

*Please note that in order to receive the most from these sessions, the client must be willing to make positive changes in their life. The practitioner mostly works as support and as a guide; the client must be able to do the work that is needed of them for deep healing to occur.

If you would like more information about BioEnergy & Vibrational Medicine or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Katy, she can be contacted at 253-973-6685 or  The school website is

Most appointments will be made on Saturdays between 10am-3pm and on weekday evenings.  Sessions will be provided at Eatonville Wellness Center located at 207 Center Street E. Eatonville, WA.

"Take care of your health; it is your most valuable possession!"

DISCLAIMER:  It is out of a energy therapist's scope of practice to diagnose disease.  This is a complimentary form of medicine to be used in conjuction with conventional medicine.  Please consult your physician if you are experiencing life-threatening conditions.

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