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Eatonville.Com invites you to sit back and read some of the emails that we have received from area residents who have taken an interest in our community website. When your'e finished please take a moment to send us one of your own emails and let us know what you think of the site and what we might include to make this the best community site ever. With your permission we'll even post your email here for other community members to read. Thank you for your time and interest.
I was on your website and I think it is very interesting and well laid out. Did you know that there is an Eatonville, Florida which is the "oldest black township in the United States". The town was established in 1887. The poem "ode to Eatonville" was used several years ago to celebrate the town's 110th year anniversary.

Just thought it was interesting that there is a Eatonville,Wa and and Eatonville,Fl. I have attached a copy of the poem "ode to Eatonville" which I hope you would like.

Thank You,
Morris Tampa

Read "Ode to Eatonville" poem

I'm so glad to find Eatonville has a web site . . . My husband and I just bought a new house up there we're having it built off 124th St Ct E ...How can I find out what my property tax will be? What is the population of Eatonville? We've drove threw the town hundreds of times and had lunch there and always loved it . Now we finally get to enjoy the small town cozyness up close .....Thanks Lorna

Hi, I have enjoyed your web and all the articles from the various sources.
It shows that there is a very strong since of community in Eatonville, WA. My wife and I are trying to purchase a home in Eatonville and look
forward to the day that we will be able to join your community. The one thing that I did not see in the website is a
Scouting program, is there a Scout Troop in Eatonville? I am interested because we have a 14 year old son that is currently in the scouts and will need to complete his Eagle.

Thank you for your time.
Tom Rooney

Please also reply to We will gladly post any information about Eatonville Scouting on the web site for others to read.

I would like to attend your next chamber meeting. Can you email or call me with more information?

Thanks for your help!

Amy Zundel
Membership Sales Manager
Tacoma Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau
(253) 284-3268

Please send info about chamber meeetings: We will post on the site!

Hi, nice to see this website connecting people.
I am a producer of two nationally syndicated radio shows in Seattle Wa. Not married, all the better. No kids. Still the same height. And weight thankfully. Learned a lot from life so far. Enough to be happy and feel blessed. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Be good to yourself and others. If you are bored and have nothing better to do, feel free to drop a line at Krystel Anderson

E-mail from recent visitor to Eatonville:

Love your town

I recently traveled to the Washington area and just fell in love with the small town of Eatonville. The area was simply beautiful. We visited Mount Rainier and then passed through Eatonville. There, we discovered John & Tammi's Pizza Place. There w had the best pizza and Italian food I have ever tasted. We ate there three times. We live near San Francisco and there a many fine restaurants, none compare to the food quality, relaxed atmosphere, and service we experienced at the Pizza Place. The friendly atmosphere of Eatonville is sure a meaningful refreshment of the fast pace of California. I plan on visiting soon and I will bring my appetite.

Bryan & family from: Stockton, Ca.

It greatly distresses me that for the second time in about 3 years a student of the Eatonville school district has been seriously injured due to a motorist-pedestrian accident in the crosswalk of Center St & Washington Ave. I believe that if proper action was taken following the first tragic accident in 2006, this second accident (and any future accidents) could have been prevented.
I am calling for action to be taken before any further accidents (with potential worse outcome) take place. It is time for all of us to stop passing the blame and start doing something to correct this continued problem. I believe that the only long term solution to protect the children of Eatonville is to have a regular traffic signal installed. As a resident of Eatonville I also understand that this would require hard to come by finances. Serious fund raising needs to be organized to raise the money and acquire this money.
Until the required funds can be raised, It is up to all of us to keep the children of Eatonville safe.
Here are some possible solutions that will help now without major funding.
1. Have adults assist the children across this dangerous intersection before and after school. These adults could be volunteers.
2. Have a police officer direct traffic at this intersection before and after school.
3. Educate all the students about pedestrian safety. For example, teach the children to be aware of their surroundings and make eye contact with all drivers before entering the crosswalk.
This is in no way a complete list of things that would help.
Please forward this to anyone that would be able to help with this effort. Thank you for your time and support. The safety of our children is the responsibility of all of us!


I am trying to find out about having a booth at the Eatonville Arts and Crafts festival.
Can you send (e-mail) me information about it?
Thank you,
David Grimes

I was gratified to find the Eatonville website and thankful that someone is considering alternatives for Mill Town. You have many members in your community that heartfelt stories to tell about ol' Mill Town. My mother and grandmother used talk for hours about the workings of the mill and the people of the time. My grandmother worked in the mill during WW2 while my grandfather was a railroad engineer, using the now old tracks to haul the logs to the mill pond. I took many photos of the "old" mill, just before they started tearing everything down.

I would like to see Eatonville apply for an historical grant to preserve the burner, pond and a substantial amount of acreage for a park. However, knowing how difficult it has been for the city to caretaker just the small "entrance park" near the high school, it is also necessary that cost of upkeep be factored into this preservation. Eatonville citizens have always shown great pride in the community, but a large park could be a burden rather than an asset if the "cost of care" factor is not worked into the picture.

What about the roads around Mill Town? It has been 2 years since I have seen them. Do they need resurfacing and if so, who will be responsible their care and upgrading?

It is an exciting time for our little community. I compliment the citizens of Eatonville. I love coming home and each time I note more improvements in the our garden at the base of beautiful Mt. Rainer.
Eatonville is truly a home to be nurtured, not only because of its unique placement on this incredible ball in the universe, but because of the loving hearts of its' citizens. I am very thankful that I was raised in Eatonville and it was a gift knowing so many people of the community.

With a Sincere Heart,
Bobbie (McCarty)


I love your Eatonville web site! I spent all my summers 1945 thru 1960 and parts of school years there with my grandparents and I feel like I lived a Norman Rockwell life there.

I do have old pictures and probably some stories, but everything is packed away. I will send some fun ones about a little girl swimming in Lynch Creek, Ohop and Clear Lake. Ohop Lake Resort cost $.10 to spend the day.

My grandpartents owned the Crest View Apartments, which are still there. A great backyard for all the kids to play kick the can (do kids still do that?).

I also have some thoughts about the questions you ask, like what should happen to MillTown. I am moving from one house to another, so will send later.

Fun to discover you!

Susan Rainville


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