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Northest Trek offers Naturefest
President's Day Weekend
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Environment briefs
The Olympian
Published February 17, 2009
The Native Plant Salvage Foundation invites the community to its annual dinner and auction Read More

K9 dog reluctantly calls it quits
Published 2/17/09
But his comrades at the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department might most remember Harley for his soccer skills.
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Drivers, pedestrians better look both ways
Published: 02/15/09 12:05 am
Three kids were struck by vehicles in three years at the same intersection. That’s three too many for Eatonville Mayor Tom Smallwood and other residents of the town.
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Eatonville Schools, chief agree on new contract
Eatonville schools chief Ray Arment finally has a new contract, more than six months after he rejected the school board’s first offer. Read More

Sunday, February 1st, 2009
Parks advocates want sales tax to pay for Pierce County trails
Advocates for a 100-mile trail system that would connect to every city and town in Pierce County are asking the Legislature to let county voters raise the local sales tax to provide a steady stream of money for parks, trails and open space. Read More

Construction around Eatonville

Even in the rough economic time, the housng development in Eatonville has consistantly been rising. More and more of the wooded areas around town are being converted into neighborhoods. Please email us your thoughts on this. We are open to hearing ideas about how we all can help to sustain the forest and wildlife which is so important to Eatonville residents and people planning to move to Eatonville.

New Jackson Visitor Center Opens at Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park

An overflow crowd joins dignitaries Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, former Park Superintendant and current Regional Director of the National Park Service Jon Javis, .U.S Rep. Norm Dicks, State Senator Marilyn Rassmussen, and Supertintendant Dave Uberuaga in Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies Friday, October 10th, 2008.

11 Pierce County projects to get
millions in federal stimulus
By Melissa Santos, Tacoma News Tribune

The Port of Tacoma and several East Pierce County communities were the big winners Thursday as the Puget Sound Regional Council doled out about $36 million from the federal stimulus package. Read More

Modern day blacksmith
By SOREN ANDERSEN -The News Tribune

TACOMA, Wash. - It's a sound that's echoed through the centuries since antiquity. It's the sound Vulcan made at his forge under Mount Etna. It's the sound memorialized in Longfellow's "The Village Blacksmith." It's the clang of a hammer striking red-hot metal laid upon an anvil. Read More

Who’ll get what? Local cities bid for funds
Cities use different strategies in bid for federal stimulus funds

02/08/09 12:05 amSome local officials started compiling a wish list back in November. Others were still getting theirs in order last week. Read More

Kill the WASL. Write shorter exams. Offer them online.

The state's evolving standardized testing system is in store for big changes under Randy Dorn, the new state superintendent of public instruction. Read More

New schools chief wastes little time in wrestling with WASL
Some aren't pleased with speed or direction
By Kaitlin Manry
Herald Writer

OLYMPIA -- Every morning as he drives to work, Randy Dorn listens to Aretha Franklin belt out "Respect," Billy Ocean sing "When the Going Gets Tough" and "Gonna Fly Now," the theme from "Rocky." Read More

Eatonville High School Rennovation

Eatonville High School is well on it's way to completion. We decided to take a moment and shoot some photos of the progress. Next years students will have a real treat come fall when the building is estimated to be completed!

(Photo's by Alexandria Walkinshaw)

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