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Photo by Alexandria Walkinshaw
A view outside the Louve at night

History and Culture in Europe!
There are many reasons to visit Europe. Whether your interests are for the arts and history, or the food and culture, there are many destinations that fulfill each pursuit. On a recent trip to London and Paris, I was amazed by the amount of history in each city. It was amazing to see the churches and museums that were created hundreds of years before the West was even discovered. You can spend hours just walking around enjoying the scenery and taking the culture in. If you get a chance to visit, be sure to pick a time during the Summer. London and Paris are very similar to Washington weather wise, so go when you can
enjoy the outdoors as much as the indoors.

Photo by Alexandria Walkinshaw
Inside La Conciergerie

Photo by Alexandria Walkinshaw
A city shot on the streets of Paris

Photo by Alexandria Walkinshaw
A view from the London Eye. A must see on a nice day!

Getaway to Eatonville! Eatonville, 1.5 hours south of Seattle, is a friendly community that serves as the gateway to Mount Rainier National Park, 25 miles East. Home town restaurants, bakeries, markets, arts and crafts shops, and galleries line the streets of the town. Chat with the locals, order a homemade burger, espresso, or slice of mountain berry pie, or visit the many arts and craft galleries. Eatonville has a way of luring visitors to stop and stretch their legs, breathe the clean air, take in the magnificent views of Mount Rainier, and enjoy time observing rural America at its best!

Population 1905, and growing, Eatonville enjoys the best of both worlds. Many residents travel the two lane highways to jobs in the city, but the majority work in retail and service businesses catering to the needs of local residents as well as travelers to Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens.

Eatonville is experiencing rapid growth in its residential, commercial and tourist population, while maintaining the look, feel and charm associated with small town rural America.

As you travel to Mount Rainier you'll observe many of the farms in this rich agricultural section of Washington State.

Nisqually-Mashel State Park just outside of Eatonville is the site of the Mashel Massacre during the 1856 Indian War. A natural bird nesting sites for cliff swallows and other birds, the park offers spectacular views of Mount Rainier and the Nisqually River Gorge. Fishing, rafting, hiking, bird watching, picnicking and mountain biking are among the activities possible at this beautiful setting.

Nisqually-Mashel State Park is part of the Washington State Parks system which includes more than 100 developed parks and covers over a quarter million acres.

Getaway and Immerce Yourself in Another Country!
The benefits of volunteering oversees.

By Alexandria Walkinshaw 
November 13, 2008
For almost as long as I can remember, traveling has always been my calling.  Maybe it was from hearing my Dads stories of his time in the Peace Corps and his trip around the world, or just my continue quest to make the unknown known. The contrast of other cultures, places, and people, continues to amaze me to this day.  READ MORE

Getaways near Eatonville, Washington:

Near Eatonville and Mount Rainier:
Do you have family or friends visiting? Put them up near Mt Rainier Park. Copper Creek Lodge accommodates up to 12, and is a great place to gather with family and friends. Art Studio, Dream Weaver, Forest Retreat, 3 Bears Cabin and Copper Creek Inn accommodate smaller groups. Also consider company parties at the Lodge or Forest Retreat. Click on links below for more info:

Copper Creek Inn at Mt Rainier
Other Getaways:

Puget Sound near Olympia:
Clams and Oysters are right on the beach in front of your cabin. Rent a kayak and explore Puget Sound, walk the private beaches or just relax and enjoy the view from your cabin.

Mio Amore, cabin on Puget Sound
Mountain Cabins near Stevens Pass:
Ski, relax by the river, gather with friends, and hike in the beautiful Stevens Pass area.
cabin at Stevens Pass
lodging near Stevens Pass
Swanson Airport serves Eatonville and Pierce County. The paved runway extends for 3000 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 850 feet. A sort walk into downtown Eatonville provides a pleasurable day trip with a variety galleries, restaurants and gifts shops all within walking distance.

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